Mr. Mormon Advanced Discourses for Latter-day Saints, Mere-Mortals & Super-Mormons

Author John S. Pennington Jr.

Mr. Mormon can take a normal LDS member and turn them into a Super-Mormon by using new ideas & discoveries from science, the cosmos, world history and the scriptures. Mr. Mormon teaches about a super nova that was recorded by Chinese astronomers at the time of the birth of Jesus. It discovers that Joseph Smith taught the theory of time relativity over a half of a century before Albert Einstein. It proves that Moses could not have been writing fiction as his account in Genesis states that the moon and the sun were created on the 4th day of a 6th day creation period aligning perfectly with the 14 billion year time line of the universe. It fills in the gaps between the creation story verses the evolution of man on planet earth. It solves that age old question about Adam’s paradox in the Garden of Eden with the dilemma of breaking one of God’s commandments in order to keep the other commandment. And much more.....

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