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This audio book has been downloaded from over 28 countries, becoming a missionary favorite around the world. The author has received hundreds of letters and messages from missionaries telling him how they used the information in this audio book to help investigators and even help other missionaries with doctrinal answers. Listed below, are 14 Chapters that are audio book recordings that can be downloaded to an MP3 player, IPOD or computer hard drive.

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Chapter 1 - What about the boy in China?

This chapter uses the King James Bible to understand the salvation of people who live on this earth without the chance of ever hearing about Jesus Christ and how God’s plan allows them a fair chance to accept Christ.  A missionary in Kentucky told us that he has memorized Ch. 1 of Mr. Mormon and uses the same presentation and scriptures to teach his new investigators about the plan of salvation

Chapter 2 - Why was there a war in heaven?

This chapter is a continuation of Chapter 1 and discusses the war in heaven and how the spirit children of God participated in the pre-mortal existence.

Chapter 3 - The Solar System and the Scriptures

This chapter compares the science of the solar system with the scriptures andprovides evidence of the existence of God.  We have messages from a lot of Latter-day Saints telling us that they have listened to this chapter over 6 or 7 times.  Definitely very high on the multiple listen list.

Chapter 4 Why was the priesthood restricted?

This chapter attempts to explain the history of priesthood restrictions to the tribes of Israel and the role the Levites had as priesthood holders along with modern day restrictions of the Priesthood.  We have received more letters and emails on this chapter than any other chapter.  One missionary serving in England said that without him listening to Ch. 4 of Mr Mormon he would not have been able to baptize an emigrant family.  The information really helped.

Chapter 5 - What happened to the Apostles?

This chapter  attempts to overview the years of the Apostles of Jesus Christ and the relationship modern day Apostles have when it comes to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   We have a letter from a non-LDS person telling us that she loves the Mr. Mormon audio book and that this is her favorite chapter.

Chapter 6 - Secret names of Angels

Many people in the bible receive a new name from God. This chapter explores the relative un-known bible stories where angels actually claim to have a name that is secret.  This chapter also discusses the old testament apparel requirements for tabernacle andtemple workers.  So many students of LDS scripture have given this chapter a thumbs up for teaching this subject in such a biblical manner.

Chapter 7 - Why do Christians Celebrate Halloween?

This chapter attempts to make a parallel with modern day holidays and the old Roman holiday celebrations and how we as modern day Christians should use all things under our power for the good and not the evil.

Chapter 8 - Atheists Agnostics and Anti-Mormons

We have received many messages from Missionaries in the field commenting on how much this chapter has helped them in their ability to answer questions.

Chapter 9 - Who created Satan?

Many religions on earth have a difficult time depicting who actually created Satan. Mormons have a simple answer and this chapter uses the writings of the Apostle John to prove that Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost are three separate individuals that have one common purpose.  Also that God is the Father of all spirits here on earth.

Chapter 10 - God's Multiple Methods of Communication

So many people have asked me over the years how they should know when God is speaking to them vs. when their brains are talking to them.  This chapter attempts to help each person answer that question for their individual situation.

Chapter 11 - Do You Really Want The Truth?

This chapter uses an analogy comparing a  3rd  century B.C. scientist named Eratosthenes finding truth way before his time and Joseph Smith's discovery of truth.  Both had new truth and spent their life time teaching about it. 

Chapter 12 - Was Adam Setup To Fail?

If you consider yourself a Mormon deep doctrine person, then you will enjoy this chapter as it discusses Adam's dilemma as to eat of the fruit or not.  This new release has received a tremendous response from Latter-day saints all over the world.  Mormons from England to New Zealand really love this chapter. As it helps solve questions that they have had for decades.

Chapter 13 - Evolution VS Creation

This chapter has become a favorite of college aged Latter-day Saints discussing the science within the scriptures..  Several long time listeners of the Mr. Mormon audio book have said that this chapter is the best one ever! 

Chapter 14 - Joseph Smith's Greatest Speech

This is a re-enactment of the King Follett discourse verbatim as published by the Ensign magazine in two parts in the year 1971.